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BURIAL CLOUDS "Last Days Of A Dying World"

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With roots firmly planted in the heavy metal traditions of the Pacific Northwest, Burial Clouds' music bears a dim light in a dark land; an emotional response to the human experience of life in a decaying empire.

Drawing influences from Doom, Psychedelia, Post-Metal, and Grunge, Burial Clouds' well crafted songwriting is ambitious in sonic scope. Heavy without being cliche, complex without falling into self-indulgence and epic without pretension.

Burial Clouds were originally an instrumental band, but have recently been joined on vocals by actor/musician Michael Malarkey (Vampire Diaries, Project Blue Book). With this addition the band have reached a new level of expansiveness through Malarkey’s crooning blues-esque vocals and blistering screams.

01. Cloudsplitter
02. Beirut Shores
03. Seawall
04. Ether Fields
05. Death, Emperor


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