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HELL "Splits"

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Since 2009 MSW has been creating doom under the project HELL. With a trilogy of LPs and a standalone self-titled full-length MSW has built a monolith of suffering and despair through song. Between albums HELL has released a number of splits, and for the first time those tracks are collected here.

This collection has been remastered and had lacquers cut by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph mastering. The D-side features an etching illustrated by Cold Poison.

The deluxe album packaging includes a wide spine single pocket LP jacket with an O-card outer sleeve. All copies include a 24"x36" poster.

1. Oblitus
2. Deonte
3. Dolore
(Originally released in 2013 on the split lp with Amarok)

4. Sheol
(Originally released in 2012 on the split 7-inch with Thou)

5. Nuumen
(Originally released in 2019 on the split LP with Primitive Man)

6. Foetorum Timere
(Originally released in 2014 on the split LP with Mizmor)