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ACRYLICS "Sinking In"

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Santa Rosa's best band has done something important, vital and oh so real. At it's core "Sinking In" is a frustrated reflective hardcore punk album tackling the struggles and conditions of the ever ripening world we live in. But there is a deeper vein of humanity, cooperation and hope at work here. They've always had a clear message of inclusivity, fun and forward thinking at their shows but to finally have that tangible ethos hit us in our homes, when we need it most, is a wonderful bit of fortune. And timing, damn. We are so excited to finally share this album with you. It's been quite the journey...

Track listing :
1. Haze
2. New Face
3. Retreat
4. Closer (Interlude)
5. Sinking In
6. Structure
7. Harm
8. In Motion (Interlude)
9. Stagnant
10. Awake
11. Losing Sight