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ENVY "The Fallen Crimson"


The Fallen Crimson – the first new studio album from Envy in five years – is a record that almost never happened. Japan’s most iconic and influential post-hardcore band suffered seemingly insurmountable personal and creative struggles that challenged the very existence of the band like nothing they had experienced in their nearly three decades together. After reuniting with briefly estranged singer Tetsuya Fukagawa – and shaking up their lineup for the first time in 25 years –­ Envy return refreshed with their most dynamic and progressive work, The Fallen Crimson. Opening with the melodic thrash that made Envy so renowned in the first place, The Fallen Crimson finds the band perfecting their past, exploring their present, and pondering their future. It is the deepest, and most poignant album of Envy’s legendary career. It bears the stories and scars of a band whose relationships with each other are as dynamic and progressive as their music.

Track Listing :
1. Statement of freedom
2. Swaying leaves and scattering breath
3. A faint new world
4. Rhythm
5. Marginalized thread
7. Eternal memories and reincarnation
8. Fingerprint mark
9. Dawn and gaze
10. Memories and the limit
11. A step in the morning glow