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DEAF CLUB "Bad Songs Forever"

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Having just released their debut LP, “Productive Disruption,” in January of 2022, Deaf Club wasted no time in the relentless pursuit of perfecting sci fi crust punk from the future; the result is their newest EP, “BAD SONGS FOREVER.“ Made up of 3 original tracks as well as a Pixies cover of “Broken Face,” the band claws and spews its way into a heightened state of controlled chaos, taking time to more deliberately build, layer and pace each track in ways they previously hadn’t. As their shared style comes increasingly into laser-focus with each new song, Deaf Club continues to meld d-beat and thrash sensibilities with unhinged battery acid buzzes, disgruntled rhythms, and tongue in cheek lyrics spit cynical and sharp.

01. If You Eat a Rat, It Might Taste Good
02. But Does It Fart?
03. Broken Face
04. Ride With Cops, Shoot With Robbers