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TELOS "Delude"

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TELOS is five-piece blackened metalcore band with a chaotic sound, combining elements of mathcore and sludge. Since the release of their self-titled, critically acclaimed debut album in 2016, the band has excelled as one of the most innovative and aggressive bands on the Danish hardcore scene. Their chaotic live shows are often compared to The Dillinger Escape Plan and their sound as a cross between The Locust, Converge and Fear Before The March of Flames. TELOS has toured Europe several times and shared the stage with groups such as This Gift is A Curse, Hexis and Plebeian Grandstand.

Track Listing :
1. Within Reach
2. Bastion
3. Never Me
4. I Accept/I Receive
5. I've Been Gone For So Long
6. Lapse
7. As Atlas Stumbled
8. Throne

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