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THE WIND IN THE TREES "Architects Of Light"

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With “Architects of Light”, The Wind In the Trees continues their legacy of glitchy, chaotic grindcore with renewed fury. After their 2019 debut “A gift of bricks from the sky”, “Architects of Light” is the Baltimore, Maryland three-piece’s awaited follow up. Throughout its fourteen tracks, this record sees The Wind In the Trees truly embrace how heavy they can sound, combining brutal fast-paced grind with moments of sludgy metalcore. As the title promises, this record builds steadily, brick by brick, to a towering culmination that is as fracturing as it is enlightening.  

01. Devoid of Entropy
02. Excision of the Last Tellurians
03. Parasitic Dawn
04. Orion
05. Dying in Light Years
06. Thy Flesh Consumed
07. Sowing the Seeds of War
08. Serpent Bearer
09. Singularity
10. Dimensions Coalesce
11. Absolute Magnitude
12. Prophecies of Torment Fulfilled
13. Prismatic Nebula
14. Hell Above


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