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BARON FANTÔME "La Nuit Fantastique"

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Comes on ultraclear with black marble vinyl and housed in a reverse-board heavy jacket with full-color discobag. Includes digital download. Out June 3rd.

With their debut release "La Nuit Fantastique", goth-rock duo BARON FANTÔME revives the timeless magic of the genre's early days filtered through their idiosyncratic extreme metal roots. Formed in 2019 in Grenoble, southern France, the project features members behind Bière Noire and St Barthelemy's Temple, reunited after playing together in the first incarnation of black metal punks SATAN.

Remastered for vinyl by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering (Darkthrone, Trap Them, Aura Noir…), these eight tracks swing effortlessly between cold wave, death rock and post-punk, played with a bare-bone approach in instrumentation and production. Entirely sung in french with a disarming sincerity, "La Nuit Fantastique" is a release performed with a sense of total dedication to their art, channeling melancholy like no other.

Track Listing :
1. Le Corbeau
2. Bat-Love
3. Journal Du Voleur
4. Thanatoxine
5. Les Statues Meurent Aussi
6. À Rebours
7. La Mort Gronde
8. Vallonia-Des-Eaux