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Total Dissonance Worship

NIGHTMARER "Monolith Of Corrosion"

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Late March
The new Nightmarer EP 'Monolith of Corrosion' features three seamlessly transitioning pieces, forged into one mammoth composition spanning 13 min of Total Dissonance Worship. The opening track 'Ekstasis' represents the fastest and most chaotic end of Nightmarer's spectrum, but don't let that deceive you... the EP sonically descends all the way into an oppressive crawl of industrialized misery from there.

These recordings feature Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Geryon, Edenic Past) on bass and his highly recognizable playing style truly completed 'Monolith of Corrosion', which was almost entirely recorded, mixed and mastered by the band. The result has a raw and eruptive power you haven't heard from Nightmarer before…

Track Listing :
I: Ekstasis (Baptismal Tomb)
II: Metastasis (Primordial Grit)
III: Stasis (Obliterated Shrine)