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BLUT AUS NORD "Odinist - The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination"

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"Released a few months after the terrific "MoRT", "Odinist" is a cold block of incisive compositions, a solid and subtle display of riffing mastery, simultaneously memorable and dissonant, and animated by an avalanche of soulless mechanical rhythms.

Beyond this specific touch, beyond their inimitable style, BLUT AUS NORD, on this 6th hypnotic opus, distill a real sense of focus in their songwriting. Compared with the rest of the band's impressive discography, the entire album may appear to be more accessible, heavier, and built on simpler structures. But... contrary to appearances (always misleading with BaN) -- "Odinist - The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination" is not an easy album.

Indeed, this totally dehumanized work is deeply haunted by a strange dynamism, like a robotic, atonal, and eerily calm chaos. A different experience with BLUT AUS NORD, but a rewarding one. For the first time on vinyl !"

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. An Element of Flesh
03. The Sounds of the Universe
04. Odinist
05. A Few Shreds of Thoughts
06. Ellipsis
07. Mystic Absolu
08. The Cycle of the Cycles
09. Outro


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