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CLEAR FOCUS "Never Ending Pain"

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Formed in late 2016, Clear Focus is a straight edge band from Buffalo, NY. Their style is heavily influenced by many of their favorite 80s and 90s hardcore bands, including Judge, Chain of Strength, Integrity and many more. In January of 2017 they released a debut demo, followed by a 3-song promo composed of songs written shortly after the release of the demo in May 2017. Clear Focus hit the ground running in their first year as a band, covering as much ground across the US as they could. In January 2018, Clear Focus released their 7” ‘Never Ending Pain’ through Safe Inside Records and plan to spend the rest of 2018 touring off of its release. 

Track Listing:  
01. Trapped In A Cycle 
02. Never Ending Pain 
03. 3 
04. Product Of Perfection 
05. Promise


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