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DEAD CONGREGATION "Promulgation Of The Fall"

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"Six years after the landmark “Graves Of The Archangels” LP, death metal lords DEAD CONGREGATION have finally unleash their seminal follow-up “Promulgation Of The Fall”. The soundtrack to total death, “Promulgation Of The Fall” will be recognized as a death metal pillar that will define the true essence of the genre and will stand as a defining milestone and a destined classic in the realm of true death metal. With a more ferocious, uncompromising, and musically skilled approach than its predecessor, “Promulgation Of The Fall” will easily be recognized as the glorious, unparalleled death metal triumph and masterpiece of the year."

Track Listing :
01. Only Ashes Remain
02. Promulgation Of The Fall
03. Serpentskin
04. Quintessence Maligned
05. Immaculate Poison
06. Nigredo
07. Schisma
08. From A Wretched Womb