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HAVE HEART "Songs To Scream At The Sun"

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Songs To Scream At The Sun was recorded with Kurt Ballou of Converge at God City Studios. Combining Ballou's signature grit and style of record with Have Heart's style of music - it results in a dichotomy of clean, sharp drums and a variety of guitar tones and sounds that combined - does not hint at one particular or obvious influence. Musically, there are moments which are mid-tempo and melodic, there are moments that are classic hardcore anthems, and it's balanced with times which are dark and atmospheric. It's an impressive accomplishment.

As frontman Pat Flynn said, Songs To Scream At The Sun is the coming of age story. It's about the growing process of a young kid shaking the chains of selfishness, but it's everything about what you lose and gain in that process of growing up. The songs have an honest, yet poetic reflection that digs deep into the private lives that are shared by everyone-the deconstruction and dismantling of one's life and the eventual rebuilding and rebirth. This is at times dark and depressing, but Flynn's lyrics never lose hope in what allows people to get strength in these situations. And what's so strong about the performance and lyrics, aside from the cliché of hardcore singers "meaning what they say" is that the perception of the lyrics-are they dark, depressing, positive, or hopeful? - is up to the listener to decide.

The first pressing of Songs To Scream At The Sun came in an expanded, gatefold LP jacket.  Subsequent pressings were package in a standard LP jacket.  A barcode was added to the back of the jacket with the 5th and subsequent pressings.  Also of note, the center labels for the 2nd pressing, on translucent green vinyl, is the only variant to have a white border around it, all other pressings have a full blue ink bleed on the label. 

For the 10th anniversary of this album, we realized that we still had 300 unused gatefold LP jackets left over from the original first pressing back in 2008, and they had been sitting in our warehouse for the past decade.  In what is now the 10th pressing, we had just 300 LP's pressed on a red/clear swirl "pink smoke" vinyl, to match them up with the gatefold jackets and gave those lucky 300 mail order customers a special cover upgrade.

Track Listing:
1. The Same Son
2. Bostons
3. Pave Paradise
4. On That Bird In The Cage
5. Brotherly Love
6. No Roses, No Skies
7. The Taste Of The Floor
8. Reflections
9. Hard Bark On The Family Tree
10. The Same Sun