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HEAVY DISCIPLINE "Heavy Discipline"

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Arriving in 2019 from the city of the living dead (that’s Pittsburgh), Heavy Discipline are back with their debut 12” of hardcore patterned in the classic X-Claim! mold and walking the line between anthemic and brutal. Lyrically of the moment, but musically timeless, these 12 songs are a constant tug of war between thrashing precision and the threat chaotic collapse.
Track Listing :
01. Whats The Point  
02. Tell The World  
03. Cross To Bear  
04. Mind Cell  
05. Found Out  
06. Voyeuristic Lust/Reckoning  
07. No Amends  
08. Cant Cut It  
09. No Space  
10. Performance Piece  
11. Shaky Ground  
12. Bootstraps