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PROTESTANT "Reclamation"

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"Here's the latest release from Milwaulkee, WI's PROTESTANT. PROTESTANT have been consistently churning out their brand of blackened, metallic, and crust influenced hardcore since 2004. The band has been a powerhouse of sorts and have released an impressive output of music in their eight year's existence. The band has continually impressed me with the quality of music they've put out so far, and their latest 12" is no exception. Reclamation is set to drop at the end of the month, September 21st, to be exact. Reclamation is a five song 12" that runs a little under twenty minutes. For the band, Reclamation is an evolution of sorts and shows PROTESTANT veering slightly away from their crust leanings found on the band's earlier releases. PROTESTANT have embraced more of a metallic sound this time around, but have done so in a way that does not take away from the aggressiveness of the band's sound. Musically, these five new songs are still dark, venomous, and brutal as fuck. All I know is this band does not fail to impress me and I always look forward to new material from the band. Highly recommended! Enjoy!"

Track Listing
01. Home
02. Jan Palach
03. Reclamation
04. Unbecoming
05. Salad Days


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