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ROPE "Manteision Bodolaeth"

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"ROPE are three friends from South Wales who play their own minimal, powerful and precise brand of guitar music. They formed in 2015 from the ashes of other noteworthy South Wales bands, including Goodtime Boys and Hunger Artist. Following their debut offering, a self titled cassette EP released via Palm Reader Records (Bastions, Creeper, Castles) the band now present us with their first LP, 'Manteision Bodolaeth; or The Perks of Being’ which was recorded live in 2 days with the prestigious Lewis Johns at the Ranch Production House.

In the course of its 6 songs, the album brings to mind the visceral power of Shellac, the songmanship of Nick Cave and the kind of swirling atmospherics you might expect from Neurosis or Pink Floyd, all held together by a powerful vocal delivery and thoughtful lyrics. Even in the tentative stages of the band and despite their being only a three-piece, ROPE are capable of obtaining a sound with a depth beyond any of their contemporaries."

Track Listing
01. Ohrwurm
02. Peut-Être
03. The Perks of Being
04. Ignatius (A Plague of Dunces)
05. Crisis on Infinite Earth
06. Brian Lung


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