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This split brings together two powerviolence bands from half way across the world from one another: Tacoma's very own Sidetracked and Milan, Italy's The Seeker. A short but sweet collection of raw, loud and fast tracks brought to you as a co-release between Twelve Gauge, To Live a Lie and Here And Now Records.

Track Listing
1. Sidetracked - Out Of Line
2. Sidetracked - Investor
3. Sidetracked - Separate Ways
4. Sidetracked - Regress
5. Sidetracked - Lowest Point
6. Sidetracked - Disarray
7. The Seeker - Room One-O-Four
8. The Seeker - Know It All Fuck
9. The Seeker - Mandatory Fuck You
10. The Seeker - Chopstix
11. The Seeker - Sleep Paralysis (Voice In My Head)
12. The Seeker - The Bright Life of Burning Bridges
13. The Seeker - GG Carlin