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"Recorded by engineer by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, "True Nihilist" is THE HOPE CONSPIRACY's latest, and possibly greatest recorded effort to date. From the first seconds of opener "In The Shadow Of God", it is apparent that something wicked has awoken. With a rhythm section sounding like the beating heart of an animal about to pounce on its tender prey, the electricity they collectively create hangs in the air throughout the release. Making hairs stand on end before bursting out with their now trademark rage and intensity. Shockingly violent, this inhuman pace continues through the next ripper "Greed Taught...", until the epic closer "Dismal Tide" crashes down as emotional debris from the fury. All in all, the three masterful tracks that make up "True Nihilist" are THE HOPE CONSPIRACY in true form, truly untamable. Silencing the naysayers, this beast is back."

Track Listing
01. In the Shadow Of God
02. Greed Taught, War Driven, Born To Die
03. The Dismal Tide