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WILT "Moving Monoliths"

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"A stunning slab of blackened doom metal, or doomed black metal, whatever you prefer. The truth will once again be somewhere in the middle, but rest assured, this is one bleak and haunting album, loaded with despair, sorrow and heartbreak. This is one to play loud while falling down on your knees and spewing out all frustrations, anger and fear. This is something for the darkest regions of your inner-self.

Wilt is a Canadian quintet, hailing for Winnipeg, Manitoba. This album is their debut and damn, it's an intense one. Continuously balancing on the borders between death metal, black metal and the whole post-subgenres, these guys throw three massive anthems (plus one short instrumental outro) in our faces. Each of them is a huge epos of alternating bleak doom passages and fierce blast beats driven slabs of black metal and each of them is accompanied by eerie screams.

The result is an album that will haunt your dreams, crush your spirit and wreck your emotions but it's damn well worth it. There's little else to say about this, and that's quite a shame because I'd like to go on recommending the hell out of this band. So, if you're an extreme metal fan who loves to dwell into the deepest and darkest regions of the human soul, lock yourself up this winter and play this piece again and again. Your life will never be the same..." Merchants Of Air

Track Listing:
01. Illusion of Hope
02. Moving Monoliths
03. The Elder
04. Solitude