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14:13 "Self-Titled"


"14.13 is not a band anymore. As if it ever even was. As if any of that mattered anyway. 14.13 is all about individuals and the music they’re creating together, crafting one of the most unique drug induced jam sessions you’ll ever hear in your entire life. Sounding as mandatory as a long time lost recording of obscure British psychedelia and as brutal as the New York no wave scene of the 80’s, their music blends the shininess of Cloudland Canyon and the sheer force of Sonic Youth-era Evol with an extra German flavor straight out of the Can."

Track Listing
01. Dennis Hopper 07:00
02. Whorewurm 04:08
03. End Prone Ship
04. (f)rance fort(e) part. 1
05. (f)rance fort(e) part. 2
06. (f)rance fort(e) part. 3