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"The belting new album from Madrid’s ACCIDENTE. They are quickly becoming a house hold name with their blend of melodic pop punk and anarcho politics and constant touring. On their 3rd album ACCIDENTE from Madrid deliver another ten wonderful tracks of incredible pure HC / PUNK - melodic & straightforward! The sweet melodies, guitarriffs and basic drumming fit perfectly to the catchy female vocals. And you can't help, not to sings along to the spanish lyrics (even if you can't speak that language). This is an outstanding record and brings up comparisons to ELEKTRODUENDES, THE ASSASSINATORS and MASSHYSTERI. A powerful new band from Madrid, that you really should check out. If I'd be dancing, I'd dance to this in my room all night long!"

Track Listing :
01. Pulso
02. Otro Amanecer
03. Escupe el mar
04. YO misma
05. Bandada
06. Vuestra voz
07. Jueces
08. Complicidad
09. Respira
10. La revuelta real