Reflections Records



"Bringers of the Blasphemous Boogie ACID DEATHTRIP draws influences from Sludge, Doom, Blues, down tuned Rock and Roll and good old Heavy Metal making sure their sexually intimidating cocktail of sleaze and dirt hits where it hurts. With lyrics that borderline on complete and utter retardation, drug-fuelled tales of madness, pagan midgets and nudist goat-monks radiate through raw and clean vocals surrounded by riffs that seduce elephants in heat and drums that crush the very thickest of skulls, ACID DEATHTRIP is ready to roll up its sleeves and unzip its pants for a golden shower of power. Anyone into filthy, dirty and all out incredible Rock’n’Roll Metal and bands like Alabama Thunderpussy, Entombed, Saint Vitus or Orange Goblin can’t afford to miss out!"

Track Listing
01. Shortcut To Hell
02. Raising The Chalice
03. The Aftermath
04. This Is How We Roll
05. Salvation
06. The Buzz