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ADORNO "Year Two"


"The second installment of ADORNO's discography (cunningly entitled 'Year 2') finally arrived. It includes the Portuguese screamo/post-hardcore band's tracks from their 'Said And Unsaid' 7", split 12"with Sugartown Cabaret, split 7" with Black Heart Rebellion 7", split 7" with Eric Ayotte, the 'Connections' comp and one unreleased cut. Just awesome. All records come w/ silk screened plastic outer sleeves and incl. a CD version of the record as well."

Track Listing
01. X
02. Up, North
03. Stories Over Miles
04. Missing a Warm Light
05. Connections
06. The Whale
07. The Bear
08. One thirty six
09. Uncharted Maps
10. Untitled
11. Said & Unsaid