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Twisted Chords

AFTERLIFE KIDS "Geisterhand"


"Next to their LP "Morgengrauen" on Vendetta/Adagio 830, AFTERLIFE KIDS release their wonderful demo for the first time ever on vinyl. Geisterhand is an incredible monster of hardcore, emo, mosh, some metal and a lot of that what was called Northcore in the 90s: bands like Lebensreform, Linsay or even Loxiran. Perhaps comparable to bands like Escapado or Catharsis, but even with their own ideas and a lot of power. The sound is intense, heavy and compact, wild thrashing mixes with desperate cries and gloomy, depressing and poetic lyrics between friendship, loss and separation. AFTERLIFE KIDS are still active in other bands like Henry Fonda, Call me Betty and Eyedestroyed. They show that it is possible to produce great hardcore albums with the right amount of frustration and anger. The demo recordings have been completely remastered by the band. The record comes as a one-sided-12, artwork by artist Tom Is The Bastard and with inside-out cover, A-2-textfolder and downloadcode."

Track Listing
01. Geisterhand
02. Weil es sicherer ist
03. Vergessen, vergangen
04. Von einem Traum
05. Die Mühlen der Zeit
06. Sorgenkind
07. Fahrtwind
08. Abgrund