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AGAINST "Welcome To The Aftermath"

Back in the early ‘80s, the D-beat sound that was patented by Discharge was not as ubiquitous as it is now, where armies of Discharge clone bands pounding out their variations of the time tested sonic booms. There were the likes of Crucifix, Diatribe, Iconoclast, Battalion Of Saints, and a small handful of bands bashing out such sounds across California., including a little-known band from Venice Beach called Against. They hadn’t simply come out from some void, as their lineage tied them to other bands that had become more well known in the scene — before Against, Michael Dunnigan and his brother Sean (guitar and drums, respectively) were half of an early lineup of Suicidal Tendencies and members also had involvement with another obscure LA band, The Runns, who would later mutate into Wasted Youth. During their brief original run, Against recorded two sessions in 1983-1984 which yielded a demo tape and an EP for Upstart Records that was never fully realized. These 18 tracks are presented there for the first time ever on vinyl and are accompanied by a 12"x36" poster insert with liner notes, lyrics and many unseen photos and flyers, as well as newly commissioned artwork by Venice's legendary Ric Clayton.

Track Listing:
01. Aftermath
02. Obsession For Power
03. All Too Late
04. Against
05. Burned Beyound Recognition
06. Pain Never Ends / Give Peace A Chance
07. Who's To Blame
08. Children
09. Run Cry And Scream
10. Burned Beyound Recognition
11. Run Cry And Scream
12. Obsession For Power
13. Pain Never Ends
14. Aftermath
15. The Fun Stops Here
16. Mao
17. No Mercy
18. Abolish War