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AKHLYS "The Dreaming I"

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"The Dreaming I" is available again, this time on double vinyl in complete unedited form with D side featuring a laser etching. A fascinating and grandiose sonic monument consisting of five otherworldly compositions, five dark tunnels of fury and intensity in which to lose yourself, filled with dangerous and hypnotic melodies.

This first album is a unique moment in timeless time, a delicious abyss of dark and ethereal enchantment that takes Black Metal into another magnificient dimension. Gateways upon gateways... Pressed on swamp green / bone merge heavy vinyl with mustard splatters. Comes with an A2 poster and download card..

Track Listing
1. Breath And Levitation
2. Tides Of Oneiric Darkness
3. Consummation
4. The Dreaming Eye
5. Into The Indigo Abyss