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All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare "Split"

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While there has been no shortage of modern-age, shoegaze-inspired alternative-rock, All Under Heaven, Leaving Time and Glare have seemed to differentiate themselves in a heavy-wave. Spanning from New Jersey to Florida and Texas, each band adds their own spin on the sound. On this three-way split, All Under Heaven leads with a jangly guitar, with Defabritus’ distinctive, lingering vocals on ‘Show You My Pain’, which slowly flows into ‘Head Down’. Leaving Time bring a punch of heaviness in the middle of the split, with their ringing guitar leads and post-hardcore inspired sound. Finally, on ‘Sunny’, Glare sound as bright as ever, with a careful blend of Smashing Pumpkins and Lush inspired swirling guitars and vocals. This first 3-way split on Sunday Drive Records captures the current sound of shoegaze/alternative-rock in 2022—All Under Heaven, Leaving Time and Glare continue to evolve in this space and build interest of what’s next.

01. Show You My Pain
02. Head Down
03. Sunny


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