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ALPINIST "Minus Mensch"

"After their Demo and their Split LP with Finisterre, this is the third release by this outstanding band from Münster / Germany. These four young people have played countless shows in Europe the last two years and should be well known for all those into contemporary melodic HC/Crust. Definitly one of the best bands in this genre coming from Germany at the moment. I expected a lot from their new recordings, but what they deliver here exceeded all expectations. An almost forty minutes thunderstorm in 11 acts, paired with a voice of despair and accompanied by blistering melodies."

Track Listing
01. Nighttime Poet Daytime Dead
02. Schalterhygiene
03. A is for Army of Slaves
04. Rost
05. 2te Klasse Bahnabteil
06. Amuse Yourself to Death
07. Delta Flood of Ignorance
08. The Charme of Dominating
09. From Groveling to Running in Less than a Second
10. This Song will not Save your Life
11. Outro