Hammerheart Records



"With one intro and three tracks comprising a respectable 33 minutes (for this vinyl re-issue spiced up with a bonus track clocking over 40 minutes now), Sol is longer than most EP’s and some albums, and well worth your money if you are a fan of this kind of thinking man’s black metal. After the intro, the EP’s shortest track “The Titan Skies” kicks off with nasty, torrential black metal furor and tremolo picked savagery before ending with a factory sounding few moments of industrial clamor. “Twisted Structures Against The Sun” is an eleven-minute trip starting with Norwegian rhythmic, buzzing riffage, then an almost post rock shimmer before an ambient strumming, acoustic midsection and an unexpected tangent into gruff shouts (which may put off some black metal purists) and a mechanical buzz/hum to end the song. The post rock vocals and vibe starts of the 14-minute “With Fire In Our Veins We Drown In Light” before exploding with a seething tremolo picked salvo that then bridges into more lengthy post rock introspection and finally climaxing with yet more blackened furor and industrial programming."

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. The Titan Skies
03. Twisted Structures Against The Sun
04. With Fire In Our Veins We Drown In Light