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Anxious Arms / Dull Mourning "Split"

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Joining from opposite sides of the USA, California’s Anxious Arms and North Carolina’s Dull Mourning join together for a split EP on Sunday Drive Records. Anxious Arms’ “Wasted Days, Wasted Years” was recorded during the session for 2021’s single, “Faust”. While the previous single was much more straightforward fast and hard, “Wasted Days, Wasted Years” has some more breathing room with a mix of aggressiveness and melody—recalling some of their sounds heard on “Head Toward Heaven” and “Feeler”. On the flip side, Dull Mourning’s “Rejoice” is their hardest single to date. The track leans heavily on the post-hardcore sound established on Ugly Flame with more driving aggression. Both bands deliver some of their best songs to date and contrast perfectly on this split EP.

01. Wasted Days, Wasted Years (Anxious Arms)
02. Rejoice (Dull Mourning)