Deathhook Records

ARKANGEL "Hope You Die By Overdose"


"Belgium's machine of brutality is back with their newest full length. This is so metal! Think a blending of Slayer, Morning Again, and Deicide. Tempos range from slow and creeping to fast and spastic while the guitars go from slow chugging to fast, technical picking. The long awaited new full length with 11 brand new songs and "How We See The World" that will blow away the entire hardcore scene."

Track Listing
01. You Had To Go (25.8.03)
02. Annihilating Your Peace
03. Let Your Unloved Parts Get Known
04. How We See The World
05. "Then"
06. Fallen Angels We Are
07. The Little People
08. Joe Loves Junk
09. Warpath 777
10. Who's Time Has Come
11. Hope You Die By Overdose