Moment Of Collapse



"This split 7" features a new song from Caen, France's AUSSITOT MORT and two new songs by Richmond Virginia's THE CATALYST. On the first side of the split is AUSSITOT MORT. AUSSITOT MORT offer up one new song that shows the band continuing where they left off on their Nagykanizsa LP, released back in February of 2012. La Bourse is a single six minute long song of epic and tense sounding screamo tinged post hardcore. The second side of the split features two new songs by THE CATALYST. THE CATALYST continue with their patented style of noisey, mathy, spacey, heavy, feedback-soaked music. THE CATALYST channel a wide range of hardcore, punk, grunge, noise rock, and sludge influences and are not afraid to show their love for Nirvana, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard, Born Against, Breather Resist, and Today Is The Day."

Track Listing
01. Aussitôt Mort - La Bourse
02. The Catalyst - Thumbsucker
03. The Catalyst - Our Science Is Too Tight