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BAPTISTS "Bushcraft"

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"After blowing us all away with their debut 7" we unleashed a year ago Vancouver Canadas’ BAPTISTS are back with their debut full length of absolutely unrelenting, chaotic, punishing hardcore. Brutal yet cathartic. This rages with an intense urgency that immediately grabs you by the throat! Recorded in Salem with Kurt Ballou. The final result presented is a dark, seething non stop battering. This is a band completely firing on all cylinders and laying waste to everything in their path. Blazing along completely unhinged down the same path as Cursed, Die Kreuzen, Drive Like Jehu etc... A truly classic debut album."

Track Listing
01. Betterment
02. Think Tank Breed
03. Bullets
04. In Droves
05. Still Melt
06. Mortarhead
07. Crutching Trails
08. Bushcraft
09. Soiled Roots
10. Russian Spirits
11. Abandon


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