React With Protest


"Welcome to BEAU NAVIRE‘s second full-length entitled Lumens. This record represents everything these 4 guys as a band stand for. Lumens will take you on a musically trip through the roughness of their demo recordings, the first hints of passionate melodies of their several split recordings, the intentness of the Life Moves 12 inch, the refinement of the Hours LP and last but not least their undisputed art to create something new without losing ground or forget their musical influences.

10 new songs falling into beautiful melodies, hectic, chaos, forward rocking tunes, pressure, well arranged interludes and a significant totally despaired voice. Playful and definite in the same moment. A masterpiece of today‘s DIY music-culture that should be noticed by everybody who fell in love with the mid 90‘s and got goosebumps by bands such as Indian Summer, The Spirit Of Versailles and The Khayembii Communique."

Track Listing
01. Prisms
02. Communique
03. Dead End, Start Over
04. Podebrady
05. Disgust & Fate
06. Amongst Ashes
07. One So Illusive
08. Paper Lanterns
09. Epistolary
10. Our Illumination