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SuperFi Records

BEG "Self-Titled"


"BEG is a trio making intense grind metal of the very best kind. It's hard not to mention the "supergroup" thing, with Smith from The Afternoon Gentlemen on drums and Grief from Art Of Burning Water playing guitar, and it sounds like it. Twisted and complicated but with tons of driving fury that brings to mind both the old and new skools. This came out as a CD on Hygiene Records last year and is now on vinyl, limited to 250 or so on the blackest of black vinyl with screened sleeves."

Track Listing
1. Beg To Exist
2. Rudimentary Penile Comparisons In The Dark
3. In My Time Of Dining
4. Your Cash Is Being Cunted
5. Dustbin Hoffman
6. Doom Dance Dick Grope
7. Chicken And Chips Black Metal
8. Livid After Midnight (Rotting Till The Dawn)
9. He's Shit His Self
10. Goat Bless
11. Third Testicle Envy
12. Rush Are My Favourite Power Violence Band
13. Pizza Shit
14. Douglas
15. My Feelings Are Bigger Than Your Cock