Season Of Mist

BLACK COBRA "Imperium Simulacra"

"San Francisco's BLACK COBRA return with 'Imperium Simulacra', their first new album in four years. 'Imperium Simulacra' is a beast of an album crushing all in its path under a landslide of low-end riffage and unstoppable drum assault. As deadly new songs "Challenger Deep", "The Messenger", "Eye Among the Blind" and the title track prove, BLACK COBRA is back with a vengeance and 'Imperium Simulacra' is a rampaging conquest by volume."

Track Listing
01. Challenger Deep
02. Imperium Simulacra
03. Fathoms Below
04. Eye Among the Blind
05. The Messenger
06. Obsolete
07. Dark Shine
08. Sentinel (Infinite Observer)