Iron Bonehead


"Switzerland's BOLZER is one of the most unique entities the death metal underground has birthed in years. Following on from their well-received Roman Acupuncture demo (which was reissued by Iron Bonehead Productions), now BOLZER stake a stronger claim for supremacy with the brand-new Aura mini-album. With one foot planted in their native land's legendry (namely Hellhammer) and another one planted in a cosmos far away, this duo weave dread-inducing decibels that strike and recoil, bewitchingly serpentine in flow. The Aura is simultaneously chaos harnessed, and chaos unleashed: bask in its glow. Recommended for maniacs of Vassavor, Grave Miasma, and Essenz."

Track Listing
01. Coronal Mass Ejaculation
02. Entranced By The Wolfshook
03. The Great Unifier