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BONG-RA "Antediluvian"

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Monolith sub-frequencies intended to lift the listener to a higher level of consciousness, a state of trance and hypnotism. Bong-Ra mixes Doom Metal, Free-Jazz and Electronics in a completely new unique crossover heavily inspired by ancient and pre-dynastic civilisations. His personal philosophy and research into transcendency, the esoteric and existentialism inspired by the musical works of John Coltrane, the teachings of Manly P Hall, the crushing weight of Doom Metal and the open forms of improvised free jazz to create a completely new genre in itself.

A second in the audio adventures into the realms of Doom Metal,after the EP ‘Palestina’, is the full length album ‘Antediluvian’ recorded with Hungarian drummer Balasz Pandi, and featuring guest appearance by saxophonist Colin Webster and bassoonist Chloe Herrington. ‘Antediluvian’ will be receiving a high end vinyl re-release on Tartarus Records.

As one of the pioneers of the electronic harsh subgenre’s Breakcore together with artists like Venetian Snares and DJ Scud, Bong-Ra (v1.0) lead the Breakcore scene for two decades, preaching his manic rhythms across the globe. After twenty years of carnage Jason Kohnen decided to metamorphosize his Bong-Ra alter ego and return to his original roots and passion of Doom. Founding member of the recently revived Dutch Doom Metal band ‘Celestial Season’ and upcoming Doom band The Answer Lies In The Black Void with Martina Horvath (Thy Catalfaque), he transformed Bong-Ra (v2.0) into a sub based Doom machine.

Track listing :
1. Kheper - Pharoah's Serpent
2. Amun - Hidden Chambers
3. Precession of the Equinoxes
4. Aton - Mind Machine


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