Moment Of Collapse

CAPSULE "No Ghost"


"Hailing from the same turf as genre buddies Torche, Kylsea and the like, beastly ensemble CAPSULE might be placed in some overly-familiar territory, but as No Ghost displays, they’re quite capable of creating their own thing. Packed with haunting shiftiness, commanding delivery and generous distortion, these harmonic sludge mongers have clearly found unique footing, concocting bellowing tracks that unite the genre’s penchant for savage riffs with delicate turnarounds and double-time verses. Amplified by episodic bursts tapped from members’ hardcore pasts, CAPSULE also smash some speed into their towering barnstorming, inciting fiery reactions."

Track Listing
01. Neuralize So Numb
02. Small Caps
03. Outline
04. Ton Work
05. Future World Citizen
06. Graft
07. Rylan
08. Isn't Us
09. Kayso
10. Grown Of Frost
11. Miscology
12. Track 12