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Adagio 830



It's been quite a journey, spent sweating in various practice rooms, Ford Focuses and vans.
This is our 3rd album. It's 6 post-hardcore songs.
Thinking back nearly a decade, to when we were putting the finishing touches to Picasso On Contradiction, we never could have imagined what we'd go on to do. We certainly never imagined that we'd be releasing a 3rd LP (complete with two 6 minute songs!).
But here it is, eh?
In many ways, the three of us have grown up together—we were only early 20s/late teens when we started out. This album reflects that, in lots of ways. A new, yet totally organic, approach to song writing and lyrics that—while still looking for meaning—present a more complete outlook on life. Dare we say that this is a more 'mature' record?

Track Listing :
01. Art In Inconsequence
02. Native State
03. Pilot Light
04. Righteous Mess
05. Prez
06. Early Decay