Shove Records

CHAMBERS "La Mano Sinistra"


"Following the band's 2010 debut album, this new full lenght is now available through To Lose La Track and Shove Records. Italian lyrics and a heavier, tightened sound draw a slight difference from the previous sound of the band. The vocals are now more melodic and all the intensity and heavyness are brought in by instruments. The post hardcore vein is now mixed both with rock and grunge in these new 7 tracks, embodying a completely personal and original sound with a special care for songwriting, emotions and intensity. Recorded and mixed in Rome at Hombre Lobo studios by Valerio Fisik and mastered in Chicago at Saff mastering studio by Carl Saff, "La mano sinistra" describes the sometimes complicated relationship between mankind and nature throughout 40 minutes of deep sensations and emotions."

Track Listing
01. Chiuso per fiere
02. 200 metri d'orso
03. Musica del demanio
04. Cemento di mori / orti di fame
05. Ragazza ladra
06. Fiumi in pena
07. Branchi di nebbia