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Consouling Sounds

CHURCH OF RA "Self-Titled"

"June 8 will herald the day The Church of Ra will take over Vooruit – the most important venue of the town of Ghent, BE. For the occasion, Amenra, The Black Heart Rebellion, Oathbreaker, Treha Sektori, Syndrome & Hessian will all perform, and surely make it a night to remember. To commemorate this very special and unique gathering of the Church of Ra, an equally special and unique album will be released. As the members of the Church of Ra explain, it has been long in the making, but now the time is right to let it surface:

“The 2011 Brethren. Bound by blood. split series brought forth the idea of this cooperation. Almost every CHURCH OF RA related band contributed one song only. Each individual track of the recordings was dissected into single instruments, single notes, distant sounds. All mingled, they sought to become a new language; a new world created and assembled by Treha Sektori. This is us, together. 2014″
Created, assembled, mixed and mastered by Treha Sektori."

Track Listing
01. Untitled
02. Untitled