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CITY HUNTER "Deep Blood"

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After gaining infamy with two long-sold out cassettes and a slew of deadly, knife-wielding live performances, City Hunter's long-awaited full length album, "Deep Blood," delivers 14 fatal stab wounds to engulf the listener in a delirious pool of hell. Soaked in filthy atmosphere and laced with grim interludes, this is not your feel-good retro horror, but a sickening manifestation of death and destruction. With a fully developed sound, this audial hallucination of murder and torment is a living nightmare you can't escape. 

Mixed and mastered to perfection by the legendary Will Killingsworth at Dead Air studios with a powerful synth outro by J. Wood (GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD), this masterpiece is sure to consume your life in endless red rain. 

Track Listing:  
01. Watching Blood Darken 
02. Living Nightmare 
03. Bind Torture Kill 
04. Beyond Recognition 
05. Crimson Streets 
06. Dark Descent 
07. Open Season 
08. Silhouette of Death 
09. Dying Out 
10. Stab and Repeat 
11. Slow Death 
12. Hollow 
13. Schizo 
14. One By One