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CLOCKED OUT "Self-Titled"


"CLOCKED OUT are from north of the border and have been making killer thrashy punk for years now. This is their first full-length and is bursting with energy, tightness and attitude. They regularly garner comparisons to Clevo-style US hardcore like H100s and 9 Shocks Terror. Brutal, throat-wrecked vocals howling over high-charge, riff-tastic hardcore punk, with just the right amounts of mid-tempo rocking and just the right flashes of guitar lead. Memorable songs captured with a heavy production, a perfect execution of "hardcore punk"."

Track Listing
01. Rigged
02. Faultlines
03. Bar None
04. Lockjaw
05. Negated
06. Excommunication
07. No Domain
08. Tunnel Vision
09. The Heist