React With Protest

CLOUD RAT "Qliphoth"


"CLOUD RAT is a band consisting of four friends from Michigan, USA playing violent, heavy, emotionally-charged grindcore punk combined with strong DIY/vegan/feminist/queer/anti-fascist ethics and politics. Since forming in late 2009, they have toured relentlessly throughout North America and Europe, and have released two full length LP's, three split LP's, two split 7"s, as well as multiple tapes and compilations."

Track Listing
01. Seken
02. Botched
03. The Upper World
04. Raccoon
05. Daisies
06. Bloated Goat
07. Rusting Belt
08. Udder Dust
09. The Killing Horizon
10. The Boars Snout
11. Hermit Interstice
12. Live Wake
13. Thin Vein
14. Bolt Gun
15. Rouge Park
16. Friend Of The Court
17. Chrysalis