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"We fail to feel the shackles that enchain us, even as they rend our flesh to bone.
We speak the sermons of the powerful as if they formed in our own mouths.
We are complacent, docile and apathetic towards an aeon of deception.
We accept the fiction of fools and the falsehoods of kings because the alternative is far more terrifying.
That we are alone, and that we are free.
Unholy. October 31."

Track Listing
01. Cathedral
02. Christburner
03. Crown of Thorns
04. Heosphoros
05. Xeper
06. Per Lucem Profanus
07. Enthroned
08. Exile
09. Unholy I: Benay Elohim
10. Unholy II: Pesha
11. Unholy III: Eschaton