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COMA REGALIA "There Is Still Time"


"Coma Regalia’s third LP finally gets the format it deserves, right in time for the bands first EU tour, it was formerly only available on cassette. There’s Still Time is a 10 track album running approximately 28 minutes in length. It finishes a lot of thoughts that started all the way back in the split with Greyscale, ran through the splits with Diploid, Piri Reis and the upcoming split with What of Us, which you won’t hear all of until after There’s Still Time."

Track Listing:
01. Staging
02. Places, Everyone
03. Plea / Bargain
04. The Light
05. It's Thicker
06. In The Circle
07. All Ends Loosened
08. Curtain Call
09. There's Still Time
10. Time's Run Out