Flood Records

CONTINENTS "In Streams Of Light Doth Linger"


"CONTINENTS is a five piece band from Dresden, Germany who formed in early 2011. Continents play an amazing style of music that draws inspiration from several subgenres of music that includes post hardcore, emotive hardcore, and screamo. Musically, CONTINENTS can be compared to contemporary bands in the post hardcore/screamo scene such as My Fictions, Weak Teeth, Pianos Become The Teeth, Ages, and Departures. In Streams Of Light Doth Linger is the band's latest three song EP, which was released via Pike and Flood Floorshows records on July 21st, 2013. On their latest EP, CONTINENTS offer up three songs of urgent, passionate, and at times ambient sounding post hardcore/screamo. Overall, these three new songs are phenomenal and should definitely appeal to fans of modern post hardcore/screamo."

Track Listing
01. moon above a gathered sea
02. lorraine
03. beneath sheets of dust