Hydrahead Industries

CONVERGE "Caring And Killing"

"At long last Converge's early works are available on vinyl. This collection includes all of CONVERGE's formative works spanning from 1991-1994. In evidence even at this early stage are all the elements that have made Converge one of the most important hardcore bands of the last two decades - rapid bursts of angular aggression, jagged melodies, abrupt shifts in tempo and dynamic, scathing vocals and pummeling riffage. Audio is newly mastered for vinyl by Alan Douches. Packaging features a new layout by J. Bannon and vintage artwork by Bannon and A. Turner."

Track Listing
01. Shallow Breathing
02. I Abstain
03. Two Day Romance
04. Fact Leaves Its Ghost
05. Becoming a Stranger
06. Antithesis
07. Dead
08. Tied to My Neck
09. Divinity
10. Blind
11. Sky
12. Down
13. Zodiac
14. Yesterday
15. Savior Salvation
16. But Life Goes On