Deathwish Inc

CONVERGE "Petitioning Forever"

"This version features updated packaging and 24 bit audio from 2005 remixed/remastered versions of "Petitioning The Empty Sky" and "When Forever Comes Crashing".

Remixed by CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou @ Godcity Studios and remastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side. These two sonic visionaries have brought new life to these truly classic recordings, allowing them to rage forth with a level of aural intensity many never thought possible. In collaboration with EVR (who have released the CD versions of these reissues) Deathwish are proud to offer both classic albums packaged together in one breathtaking 2XLP Gatefold package. Featuring design from CONVERGE vocalist Jacob Bannon, this stunning combined release also features original artwork from acclaimed artist Aaron Turner (Isis, Hydrahead Records). These reissues serve as a sincere "thank you" to supporters, friends, family, and hopefully those yet to discover them. Reminding all of us of a remarkable period in aggressive music when out of the muck and mire of stagnation, artistry, integrity and passion shined above all else. Igniting the now 15 year reign of influence of CONVERGE, which still continues today."

Track Listing
01. The Saddest Day
02. Forsaken
03. Albatross
04. Dead
05. Shingles
06. Buried But Breathing
07. Farewell Note To This City
08. Color Me Blood Red
09. Love As Arson (Alternate Version)
10. My Unsaid Everything
11. The High Cost Of Playing God
12. In Harms Way
13. Conduit
14. The Lowest Common Denominator
15. Towing Jehovah
16. When Forever Comes Crashing
17. Ten Cents
18. Year Of The Swine
19. Letterbomb
20. Love As Arson (Original Version)
21. Bitter And Then Some